Official Filing Period Opens for City Council Race | #citycouncil

As of press time, Alissa Roston has completed and submitted her nomination papers with the city, making her the first confirmed qualified candidate on the ballot. The others, Craig Corman, Tiffany Davis, Myra Demeter and Mary Wells have picked up the necessary packet of documents and plan to submit them in the coming days.

The Courier has learned that at least one other individual has picked up the nominations packet from the office of the City Clerk, and additional candidacy announcements may be forthcoming.

Although it is extremely early in the race, several groups and notable members of the community have already come out in support of specific candidates.

Thus far, Demeter has earned the endorsement of Beverly Hills City Treasurer Howard Fisher and all current members of the Planning Commission.

Roston listed Rabbi Jonathan Aaron, Public Works Commission Chair Wendy Nystrom, Design Review Commission Chair Terri Smooke, former City Treasurer Mel Spitz and former BHUSD Board of Education President Robbie Anderson among her early supporters in the City Council race.

Davis has been in communication privately with supporters and will announce upcoming endorsements as the race develops.

Corman has secured the support of former mayors Nancy Krasne and Willie Brien.

And the Beverly Hills Firefighters’ Association (BHFA) has announced its endorsement of Mary Wells’ campaign. The organization has scheduled interviews with other candidates and may endorse others as the campaign goes on, BHFA President Victor Gutierrez told the Courier. Wells has also announced that Former Beverly Hills Mayor Les Bronte, BHUSD Board Member Rochelle Marcus and Former Commissioner Judie Fenton will serve as her Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs.

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