Louisville mayor administration tried to halt anti-gentrification bill

Hours before city lawmakers passed an anti-gentrification ordinance with bipartisan, unanimous support last week, Mayor Craig Greenberg’s administration led a last-minute push against the bill — including asking Metro Council President Markus Winkler to table it — The Courier Journal has learned.

“You can’t call me at 2 o’clock on a Thursday, for the first time, and let me hear that you’ve got concerns about something we’re doing. I mean, that’s not fair to us,” Winkler said, adding that Jeff O’Brien, the city’s economic director of economic development, asked him to hold off on the Nov. 9 vote.

“I think really the frustrating thing is it passed out of committee 5-0 and 3 (present votes) 10 days earlier. So, it’s not like it passed the day before on a 4-3 vote. You had time.”

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