“It’s a big challenge, and I accept the challenge,” Sullivan Mayor-Elect J.D. Wilson prepares to take over city’s government | News

SULLIVAN, Ind. (WTHI) – Many newly-elected mayors are just now beginning to assemble their administrations, but for Sullivan’s soon-to-be-mayor, he’s been preparing for a while.

Next to Riggs Hardware in Downtown Sullivan is a reminder of why people choose to live here because “it just feels like home.” But recently, the person in charge of supervising the city with that hometown feeling is set to leave.

After three terms in office, Mayor Clint Lamb is calling it quits. Taking his place is Lamb-appointed public works director J.D. Wilson.

Wilson says he ran for mayor to repay the city he grew up in.

“I wanted to give back. I wanted to help, and I wanted to see the continued progress happen in the city of Sullivan,” Wilson said.

The Sullivan native’s rise to the mayor’s office is historic. He will become mayor without having gone through an election. That’s because it went uncontested.

Wilson says not having an election saved the city nearly $40,000. It also means a faster transition of administration for the city.

“That transition has been happening; that’s been taking place for several months,” Wilson added.

Wilson says the transition has gone smoothly. It’s now in its final stages.

The mayor-elect says he sees the lack of an opponent as a testament to the work of Clint Lamb’s administration.

“It showed the support the citizens had for the current administration. They supported it and wanted to see it continue on. So I’m going to continue that progress,” Wilson said.

Restaurant manager Nikki Tikken says she’s excited someone aligned with Mayor Clint Lamb will take over.

“I’m excited about J.D. taking over because he’s been around a lot with Clint,” Tikken said.

Meanwhile, Wilson acknowledges he’s about to take on a huge responsibility. But he’s looking forward to the challenge.

“It is a big challenge, and I accept the challenge. And look forward to every day as the Mayor of Sullivan for the next four years.”

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