City councilman proposes $40K pay bump for Memphis Mayor-elect Paul Young | News

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Memphis Mayor-elect Paul Young could enter office next year with a raise.

The Memphis City Council is set to discuss a pay bump of nearly $40,000 for the city’s top job.

The city councilman behind that push said the next mayor may not be the only one getting a raise.

As the ordinance reads, it only mentions a raise for the mayor. That salary would go from just over $170,000 to $210,000, meaning the city and county mayors would be paid the same.

Martavius Jones, the council chairman and the ordinance’s sponsor, said as it works its way through council over the next few weeks, he intends to add pay raises for other officials as well.

He said those raises come at the request of mayor-elect Young, who reported difficulty hiring for some positions because of the better pay offered at private companies.

“If you look at the chief human resources officer, chief financial officer, chief IT person, those salaries are lower right now than they would be in the private sector,” Jones said. “I am not saying we need to be level with those because there are other benefits that people who work in public office may not be privileged to compared to the private sector, but we need to at least make it competitive.”

The ordinance has its first reading Tuesday.

FOX13 reached out to mayor-elect Young’s office Friday night but did not hear back.

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