With gun rights a spotlight issue in Alabama Senate race, Mo Brooks gets NRA backing | #republicans | #Alabama | #GOP

Gun rights have emerged as such a significant issue in the Republican primary of Alabama’s Senate race that the three leading candidates have all produced commercials testifying to their support of the Second Amendment.

And one of the most high-profile developments in the race is that Mike Durant – who was leading in the only two independent polls of the race, which were conducted in March – said in a speech 11 years ago that disarming the population in some U.S. cities would be a step toward reducing crime.

Durant, a Huntsville business executive and former Army aviator, said after his 2011 comments came to light that they were “mischaracterized” and “misunderstood.” He said he is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

On Tuesday, however, U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks received the endorsement from the National Rifle Association. The NRA cited Brooks’ voting record in Congress supporting gun rights as the basis for its support, earning him an ‘A’ rating.

“On behalf of our five million members across the country, the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) endorses your candidacy for the U.S. Senate in the May 24, 2022, Republican primary election in Alabama,” the NRA said in a statement. “Based on your consistent and proven voting record on Second Amendment issues in the U.S. House of Representatives, you have earned an ‘A’ rating from NRA-PVF. An ‘A’ rating is reserved for a solidly pro-gun legislator who has supported NRA positions on key votes and issues.

“You voted against the so-called ‘universal’ background check system, which would criminalize the private transfer of firearms between law-abiding citizens and is only enforceable through a federal firearms registry. Additionally, you voted to uphold constitutional due process protections for gun owners and to prevent federal bureaucrats from enacting indefinite delays of firearm purchases for law-abiding Americans, which would turn a fundamental right into a privilege.

“Furthermore, you voted in favor of Right-to-Carry reciprocity legislation, which would ensure that millions of law-abiding Americans who can carry a concealed firearm in their home state are able to do so in any other state that does not prohibit concealed carry. You also sponsored and voted for legislation that would uphold protections for the lawful interstate transportation of firearms and ammunition.”

Meanwhile, Katie Britt, former chief of staff for U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby and former president and CEO of the Business Council of Alabama, touted praise she received Tuesday from the NRA as well. Britt – running for office for the first time — received an ‘AQ’ rating, which is the highest rating for a candidate without a voting record on Second Amendment issues.

“An ‘AQ’ rating is reserved for a pro-gun candidate whose rating is based on the candidate’s responses to the NRA-PVF candidate questionnaire, as well as public statements, and is the highest rating a candidate can receive without a voting record on Second Amendment issues,” the NRA said in a letter to Britt.

“We share a common goal to safeguard the Second Amendment and the rights of law-abiding Americans who own firearms for hunting, personal protection, collection, or any other lawful purpose. We also share a commitment to support law enforcement’s efforts to decrease crime and prosecute those who commit crimes with firearms. NRA members and law-abiding gun owners in Alabama and across the country thank you for your pledge to uphold and defend the individual right to keep and bear arms.”

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