Who’s running for Shreveport Mayor?

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) – Qualifying starts July 20 and runs through July 22. That means potential candidates can still throw their hat in the ring. The mayoral election is set for Nov. 8, and a runoff, if necessary, will be held Dec. 10.

So far, five candidates have announced their bid to run for Shreveport mayor. However, Caddo Commissioner Jim Taliaferro dropped out of the race.

Tom Arceneaux

Attorney Tom Arceneaux served on the Shreveport City Council from 1982 to 1990.

“As Mayor, I will work with the Shreveport Police Department to put more police officers on patrol, particularly in high crime neighborhoods. I will help SPD to develop a more hands-on relationship with people in high crime neighborhoods, while restoring appreciation for our first responders,” he said in a news release.

When asked how his approach will be different, Arceneaux told KSLA, “I do not think we’ve made the litter issues and cleaning up the city as big a priority as it needs to be. I don’t think we have devoted enough resources to fighting blight in the neighborhoods. That’s something I’ve been fighting literally since 1981. I think we have tools available to us that we’re not making use of.”

Mario Chavez

Commissioner Mario Chavez has been serving Caddo Commission District 10 since 2016. He previously told KSLA there are three initiatives he wants to improve in Shreveport: “crime, cleanliness and customer service.” His campaign is called “Together Shreveport,” a motto he says stands to hold elected officials accountable for their plans.

According to his website, he wants to implement possible property tax relief and sign-on bonuses for law enforcement and more street lights to help fight crime.

Tracy Mendels

Tracy Mendels is a retired Shreveport police officer.

“In 10 years, I’ve seen more death in this city than I’ve seen anywhere else,” Mendels said in a Facebook announcement. “It seems like sometimes part of the city is forgotten because it’s such a norm to have murders on the west side of the city…What I’d like to let people know is I do care about the west side of Shreveport.”

We reached out to Mendels for comment, but have not heard back.

Adrian Perkins

Mayor Adrian Perkins is the current mayor of Shreveport, serving since 2018. During his announcement to seek re-election, he highlighted some of his current initiatives, including economic development, as well as reducing littering and crime.

“Chief Wayne Smith, Chief Administrative Officer Henry Whitehorn and myself remain committed to reducing crime in this city. We’ll work with the DA’s office and the state to prosecute anyone – whether that be teenager or not – who participates in a rolling gun battle or drive-by shooting.”

Darryl Ware II

Darryl Ware II was born and raised in Shreveport, according to his website.

“I decided to run for mayor after hearing the countless gunshots, seeing the failing infrastructure, and feeling the effects of a dying economy myself. Last year, the city experienced a record number of homicides, the infrastructure failed us, and people were still left underpaid,” he said on his website.

We reached out to Ware for comment, but have not heard back.

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