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As we get closer to the May 24 primaries, we’re working to bring you information about candidates so you can decide if they truly represent your values and needs before you head to the polls.

In this story, we speak with Dale Strong, Republican candidate for Alabama’s 5th District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Incumbent U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks chose not to seek re-election and instead is running for Alabama’s open U.S. Senate seat.

After a decade-long run serving on the Madison County Commission, Strong, the chairman of the group, now is seeking a seat as a congressman.

“This is just another opportunity to serve our community,” said Strong.

Strong is confident he’s the man for the job, with years of public service under his belt to prove it.

“Of course I’ve lived in this area my entire life. I worked as an EMT, as a volunteer firefighter, HEMSI, MedFlight and 911 dispatcher,” said Strong.

If elected to the House, Strong says priority No. 1 is “to do everything I can to block Joe Biden’s agenda for America.”

He plans to do this in part by putting in the work to eliminate red tape.

“And bureaucracy that has been created through presidential orders that have been issued,” Strong said.

A second priority will be national defense.

“You have to be prepared for whatever conflict or war that comes before you. Being prepared can avert most wars,” he said.

Strong says he’d also support changes at the border as another way to improve national defense.

“To shut the southern border down and eliminate the catch and release project that is going on right now,” he said.

Combating inflation will be a third priority.

“Everything from the pasture to the grocery store. The cost of meat. The cost of vegetables. Everything that we are importing into America right now is at an unbelievable price,” he said.

Strong believes the way to fix this problem is “more production of fuel and gas here in America.”

Strong says he deserves your vote because: “I have a proven record.”

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