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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) — A board that oversees elections at the University of Alabama denied that problems should have invalidated balloting for homecoming queen, which was the subject of a sit-in demonstration following reports of electoral problems by the student newspaper.

A statement released by the Elections Board on Tuesday following the protest denied that the campaign of the winner, McLean Moore, violated campus election rules and could have been disqualified from running, as alleged in stories by The Crimson White.

While Moore didn’t win a majority of votes in edging out Montana Fouts, a star pitcher on the Alabama softball team, rules didn’t require a runoff, as the newspaper claimed, the board said.

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Moore was named homecoming queen last month after gaining 6,391 votes, or 46.9%, to 6,086 votes, or 44.7% for the second-place Fouts. Following stories alleging campaign violations, as many as 50 students held a sit-in at the Student Government Association office protesting the election.

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