Two Elected to Crockett City Council | #citycouncil

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT –  Crockett City Council held elections for three precinct positions Saturday, May 5, with heavy early voting and one council member re-elected and two unseated. 

With the direction of the city, CEIDC and other projects on the minds of city voters, turnout was high, with all three races promising and delivering surprising results. 

In precinct three, Incumbent Ernest Jackson faced a challenge from NaTrenia Hicks, former member of CEIDC’s board and active in city politics. Interest was high in the race and according to The Messenger’s calculations, saw a massive voter turnout of almost 35% of eligible voters in the precinct. Early voting was heavy, with a total of 286 votes cast. Of those, 180 came either in early voting or absentee voting, a whopping 63% of the votes cast. Hicks was able to come away with 194 (84.35%) of the total votes cast, with Jackson taking 36, or 15.65%.

In precinct four, Incumbent Marquita Beasley was challenged by local businessman Elbert Wayne Johnson. In a quieter race, with less campaigning and a much smaller turnout, only a total of 138 voters turned out for the race. 118 of those (85%) voted early or absentee, with only 20 voters coming out on election day. Johnson took 64.79% of the final vote, (138) with Beasley getting 35.21%. (75)

Precinct five saw a rematch between Incumbent Mike Marsh and challenger Lynda Warfield. In the previous election, Marsh was able to win with only a five-vote margin. This time, the race opened up more, with high turnout, giving Marsh a comfortable, 63-vote victory. Early voting was brisk, although 60 voters came out to vote on the day. Marsh took 138 votes (64.79%) to Warfield’s 75. (35.21%

With the two new council members set to be seated after the elections are officially canvassed, residents in the city are interested to see what, if any, changes in policy or direction the new representatives will implement or promote. 

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