To keep our trust, officials must be forthcoming about ‘incident’ that paralyzed Kansas courts | #alaska | #politics

Something happened Oct. 12 that sent the Kansas courts system scrambling back to the pre-digital age of filings done on paper. Exactly what happened is a mystery. Officials are being so tight-lipped about the exact nature of the “security incident” that, five weeks later, it all seems so secret that if they told you what […]

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City Council

Dallas Still Dealing With Ransomware Attack – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth | #citycouncil

The City of Dallas is still in the midst of a ransomware attack Monday as officials worked to bring computer service back to all city functions. Some website access was restored but crucial public safety functions like police and fire computer-aided dispatch were still impacted. “One of my first contacts was how much they were […]

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