City Council

Hutchinson City Council: How they voted | Local | #citycouncil

Members of the Hutchinson City Council made the following unanimous decisions at their Jan. 24 meeting: DONATIONS: Accepted $500 from Heartland Ag Systems for Fireman’s Park Project. Accepted $100 from Russell and Lorraine Erickson to the Hutchinson Police Department for the Law Enforcement Memorial Park Fund. Accepted $7,700 from numerous donors for the Shady Ridge […]

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Can’t trust mayor to improve public safety

In this week’s episode, Ginnie Graham and Bob Doucette talk about the homeless problem in Tulsa. They were both encouraged by recent remarks by Mayor G.T. Bynum on this issue, but Ginnie points out, too, that the public has a responsibility as well. Also discussed were great movies (Plains, Trains and Automobiles) and TV episodes […]

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