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Performances generate positive vibe

In late April, my wife and I found ourselves with tickets to two weekend performances in Sarasota.  

The first was the Sailor Circus. We had not been for several years. It is called “The Greatest Little Show on Earth,” and for good reason. The young performers were stunning.

Slim, strong and flexible, they tumbled, walked tight, and not so tight, wires, rode bicycles (five on one bike!) and unicycles and even flew on the flying trapeze, catching one another in midair! 

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They were talented, disciplined, confident young people, just what one would hope for.

The next day found us at the Westcoast Black Theater Troupe, experiencing “Broadway in Black.”

Men and women danced and sang and moved beautifully across the stage. They were disciplined, spirited, smiling and amazingly strong and agile. They had learned the music, the step, the words! I found myself clapping, standing and even singing along. Wonderful!

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