Soros floods cash into Arkansas prosecutor race

A political group funded exclusively by liberal financier George Soros has dumped over $100,000 in support of a former public defender running to become a prosecuting attorney in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Soros is the only contributor to the Arkansas Justice and Public Safety PAC, which was founded in mid-April around the same time the financier donated $321,000 to the group. The PAC has since spent about $100,000 on research, polling, and consulting work, and in late April, the group purchased $40,000 worth of television advertisements in support of Alicia Walton’s bid to serve as prosecuting attorney in Pulaski and Perry counties, the Arkansas Times reported.

Walton said during an interview in April she wants to empower victims while also providing a pathway for redemption for offenders.

“I have not only worked extensively within the criminal justice system, but I have also been a crime victim,” Walton told Black Consumer News. “With that experience in mind, I will work to empower victims, dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline, provide a pathway for offenders to seek redemption, and provide more diversionary programs for those with mental health and substance abuse challenges. It is time for the criminal justice system to work for all of us.”


Soros’s intervention in the lead-up to the May 24 primary provides a significant boon to Walton, who has raised less than $20,000 for her campaign, according to the Capital Research Center. Walton’s opponent, Will Jones, has raised $144,000 for his campaign.

The Arkansas Justice and Public Safety PAC is led by Whitney Tymas, who is also listed as the director or treasurer for similarly named Soros-funded groups that support liberal prosecutors in at least 12 other states.

“What we’re really doing is leveling the playing field,” Tymas told the New York Times in 2019, noting that district attorney races often have low voter engagement.

All candidates in the prosecuting attorney race run as nonpartisans, but the Republican Party of Arkansas expressed glee at Soros’s intervention in Little Rock.

“Crime increases around the Nation where George Soros funded DAs and Prosecutors reign,” the party said in a statement. “Now as crime is on the rise in Little Rock, Soros turns his attention and cash to the Central Arkansas Prosecuting Attorney’s Race, supporting soft on crime Alicia Walton.”

Soros has contributed more than $29 million in support of over 20 liberal district attorneys since 2016, according to the Capital Research Center.

Many of the prosecutors who won their elections thanks in part to contributions by Soros have presided over significant crime waves in their cities after assuming office.


President Joe Biden and Democratic mayors in blue cities across the country have signaled in recent months a reversal from the “defund the police” mantra championed by liberal politicians in 2020.

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