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Santa Claus is a candidate for the 2022 U.S. House special election. (Photo provided by candidate)

Santa Claus | Party: Undeclared | Age: 74 | Occupation: Councilman & Mayor Pro Tem, City of North Pole | Residence: North Pole|

Have you or will you file to also run in the regular election for the U.S. House seat?

I am only planning to run in the special election.

Candidate statement:

This is Santa Claus, North Pole councilman and special election candidate. I’m a former special assistant to the deputy police commissioner of New York City, member of FEMA’s National Defense Executive Reserve and director of the Terrorism Research and Communication Center. I support Medicare for All, the Child Tax Credit, student loan cancellation, lesbian, gay, and trans rights, women and children’s rights, the ADA, housing the homeless, protecting our fisheries and environment, respecting our First People’s sovereignty, funding infrastructure, especially broadband, public broadcasting, public health programs, reducing water and air pollution, ending oil and gas company subsidies, strengthening our defense and collaborating with Arctic nations regarding climate change. I’ll work across the aisle to find common ground, serving ALL Alaskans, especially our children. Please visit Thank you.

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