San Diego it’s your turn! The City Council wants to know what you think about proposed water hikes – NBC 7 San Diego | #citycouncil

We’ve been telling you this day was coming after the San Diego County Water Authority approved a 9.5% increase this summer. 

There will be a public hearing that will take place before the city council takes a final vote. This is when you can express your thoughts in favor or against the proposal.

Your water rate would increase 10.2% as of De. 1, 2023, and then up to 8.7% on Jan. 1, 2025. 

This means the average family monthly bill would jump from the $81.06 we have now to $93.67 come December, and then $100.75 a little more than a year later in 2025.

If rates remain unchanged, the city will not have enough revenue to provide necessary water services for fiscal years 2024 – 2025, according to an independent rate consultant contracted by the city last year.

Where does the money go? According to the city, 59% is expected to go toward the purchase of imported water and 41% will pay for maintenance, upgrades and debt services for the city’s water system. 

This includes an investment in the pure water program, which is a landmark recycling program that will reduce the need for the city to purchase imported water. They’re aiming for 2035 when the purewater program will supply half of San Diego’s water supply. 

You don’t have to show up to a city call to be part of the hearing as it will be livestreamed. Here’s the QR code if you want to point your phone at it.

Additionally, the city is seeking to pass through any rate increase imposed by the San Diego County Water Authority. Keep in mind that San Diego’s Public Utilities Department does not generate a profit and is not supported by the city’s general fund. 

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