Puberty blockers, hormones for Alabama’s transgender youth banned unless judge acts before Sunday | #republicans | #Alabama | #GOP

Puberty blockers and hormones now available for transgender youth in Alabama to help them match their gender identity will become illegal on Sunday unless a federal judge blocks a new law.

U.S. District Judge Liles Burke will hear from witnesses today on what he said will be the final day of a three-day hearing.

Parents of four transgender minors, a physician, a child psychologist, and a pastor filed the lawsuit to try to block the law from taking effect.

Five witnesses for the plaintiffs testified Thursday, including a pediatrician who treats transgender minors at UAB. Dr. Morrisa Ladinsky, who urged lawmakers not to pass the bill over the last two years, said the medications are highly effective and that banning them would be traumatic for her patients.

Today, Burke is scheduled to hear from witnesses called by lawyers for the state, who are defending the law.

The Republican-led Alabama Legislature passed the Alabama Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act on April 7. Gov. Kay Ivey signed it the next day, starting a 30-day period before the law is in effect.

The U.S. Department of Justice backs the plaintiffs in the case. The DOJ asserts that the law violates equal protection rights.

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