PAWPAC’s picks for your May ballot

The Progressive Arkansas Women PAC is ready with a list of endorsements for this first round of 2022 voting. PAWPAC aims to support and elect women to leadership roles, protect reproductive freedom and achieve economic and social equality.

“We vet candidates to ensure they support the values of reproductive freedom, social, economic, and environmental justice. We interview every candidate that requests our endorsement so that you know where they stand,” their release said.

While voters are deciding which partisan candidates to send on to the November elections, they’re also making their final selections on judicial races. PAWPAC’s judicial picks include Brenda Stallings, Wendy Wood and LaTonya Austin Honorable for judgeships and Alicia Walton for Pulaski County prosecutor.

You can see a running list of PAWPAC’s endorsements for 2022 elections on their website.

Polls opened for primary and judicial elections Monday, and the final day to vote is May 24. Early voters in Pulaski County have 12 polling sites from which to choose.

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