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District 31 Senate candidate Mike Jones, R-Andalusia, said he has been politically attacked by an out-of-state political action committee.

The A Virginia-based group calling itself the Students for Life Action PAC mailed post cards to voters in Alabama State Senate District 31 claiming that Mike Jones is opposing pro-life bills.

Jones said he has a 100 percent pro-life voting record and is endorsed by Alabama Citizens for Life, the largest in-state pro-life group and a chapter of National Right to Life, and is one of the strongest pro-life legislators in the state.

“I will not engage in negative campaigning, but I will also not allow anyone, especially some group from out of state, to falsely claim that I am for abortion,” Jones said. “This is an outright lie and they know it because they have been informed repeatedly that their claims are not true and have been presented with evidence to prove that their claims are false. They know it because I have a 100% pro-life voting record. They know it because I am endorsed by Alabama Citizens for Life. They just don’t care. They continue to spread false information that damages the pro-life movement in our state. Maybe that is their true motive. I can’t think of any other reason why they would knowingly spread such horrible lies about legislators that are pro-life.”

In March, the same group sent out text messages to voters in Southeastern Alabama claiming that Jones was blocking pro-life legislation in the Alabama House of Representatives. The group’s coordinator in Alabama was contacted by the Alabama Speaker of the House, Mac McCutcheon, and notified that their claims were not true. His text read as follows: “Ms. Deretich, I am texting you in reference to the text information sent out to discredit Rep. Mike Jones.  He is the House Rules Chairman and is not trying to stop the passage of HB261.  The sponsor of the bill is having issues passing the bill and it is not the fault of Rep. Jones.  What your group is doing is not right.  We are working with the Senate to move the SB, but your actions are hurting the efforts.”

 Eric Johnston, a well-known pro-life attorney who has provided legal guidance to the Alabama Pro-Life Coalition also responded to the false attacks that were levied against Jones in the spring. In a letter to Jones, Johnston wrote that he had “heard that there is a question of your commitment to the sanctity of unborn life.” He went on to write that the input Jones has made over his legislative career has been “invaluable” and that Jones record of “100 percent support has resulted in the passage of many important laws that have protected the health of women and reduced the number of abortions.” He also notes that he is hopeful that the Alabama Human Life Protection Act (which Jones voted for) would be instrumental in overturning Roe v. Wade.

Jones was a leader in the legislative movement that passed the Human Life Protection Act in 2019 which is the toughest pro-life bill in the nation. Jones has never voted for a pro-choice bill and has always voted for pro-life bills during his time in the Alabama House of Representatives.

Just hours after these attacks appeared in mailboxes across Senate District 31, Alabama’s legitimate pro-life group, Alabama Citizens for Life, issued their official endorsement of Jones’ candidacy for the Alabama State Senate based on his 100% pro-life voting record over his 12-year legislative career.

Jones is seeking the Republican nomination for the Alabama State Senate, District 31. That seat is being vacated by the retirement of Senator Jimmy Holley. The election will take place on May 24.

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