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A newcomer will replace an incumbent as the mayor of Johnstown, according to unofficial results of the 2024 municipal election on Tuesday.

The community can expect official results on Wednesday following a signature verification process and once the extension for overseas military ballots closes, according to a town news release.

Michael Duncan will take over as mayor, receiving 1,086 votes against incumbent Mayor Troy Mellon, who received 871.

Mellon was originally elected mayor of Johnstown in 2000 and reelected in 2004. He then served on the town council, starting in 2012 and getting reelected in 2014 and 2018. His most recent term as mayor began in 2020.

Duncan, who enlisted in the military in 2003, has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in security management from American Military University. As mayor, he plans to refurbish the Senior Recreation Center, strengthen the police force and create more opportunities for military veterans to help them transition into roles within the community, according to his campaign website.

The mayor and six council members each serve a four-year term. This year’s election had four open seats on the town council, held by Damien Berg, Chad Young and Andrew Paranto. The fourth seat was vacant.

Young, the leading candidate with 1,232 votes, has served on the town council for more than 20 years. The fifth-generation northern Colorado resident is the youngest member to serve the longest tenure, according to the town website. He serves as a director with Adamson Life Celebration Home in Greeley.

Berg, incumbent mayor pro tem, received 1,105 votes in the town council election, according to the release. Berg, who serves as commander of the local veterans organization, first joined the town council in 2010.

Another incumbent, council member Andrew Paranto, received 1,007 votes. Paranto works as an electrical engineer in the power and utilities industry, the town website said. Paranto has been a council member since May 2023.

A newcomer will fill the vacant seat. Dee Anne Menzies leads the results with 1,014 votes, followed by Michael J. Wolf who received 977 votes and Matthew G. James who received 785 votes.

Amending the home rule charter to include Section 16.4 adopting a water policy, ballot question 251, had 1,187 votes of support and 794 unsupported votes. The policy includes requiring the dedication of water or cash-in-lieu of water dedication, recognizing the town may commence or participate in water court actions and more. To read more about the water policy, go to

Ballot question 264, amending the home rule charter Section 2.3 of Article 2 regarding town council elected official qualifications, had 1,085 in favor and 934 in opposition. This measure proposes a modification for those running for elected office in Johnstown to comply with the qualifications outlined in the Colorado Constitution.

The third ballot question, 265, amends the home rule charter Section 2.1.B of Article 2 regarding dividing the electoral districts into wards and districts, received 1,272 votes of support and 674 unsupported votes. This measure proposes clarifying and adjusting two issues within Johnstown’s home rule charter.

First, the adjustment would include that the town’s population is conducted every 10 years by the U.S. Census. Second, upon reaching a population of 20,000, the measure would change the requirement for council members to be elected in two districts and four wards. Instead, council members will be elected from three electoral districts — two from each district.

Town Clerk Hannah Hill said 2,066 ballots were received by 7 p.m. on Election Day.

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