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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Governor Kay Ivey will soon face challengers Tim James, Lindy Blanchard, Stacy George, and others in the upcoming Republican primary election, and a new poll shows Ivey leading her opponents by a significant margin.

The poll collected responses from 500 Alabamians who intend to vote on the Republican ballot, and 60% of respondents said if the election took place tomorrow, they would re-elect Gov. Ivey.

Alabama businessman and son of a former Alabama governor, Tim James trails Ivey with 13.6%. Following closely behind, Blanchard received 10.6%, and 1.4% of respondents said they would vote for George.

14.4% of those polled have yet to decide for whom they will vote.

Ivey also had the highest favorability rating with 75% of respondents saying they have a favorable opinion of her.

According to the poll, Ivey is also the most recognizable name on the ballot. 21.2% of respondents report never having heard of James, and 28.4% have never heard of Blanchard.

Political analyst Jess Brown told News 19 that Ivey’s campaign has produced the strongest ads seen so far in the race.

“It’s state pride and kicking Washington,” Brown said. “It is a simple and powerful message, and it is delivered quite effectively.”

Notably, the poll was commissioned by ForestPAC, the political arm of the Alabama Forestry Association, which has endorsed Ivey in this election.

98% of respondents identified themselves as white, and three-fourths said they are Christians. The age of respondents skewed towards older voters with 16% over the age of 75 and 62% over the age of 56.

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