Mo Brooks: Subpoena from Jan. 6 ‘witch hunt committee’ an attempt to hurt Alabama Senate bid | #elections | #alabama

Inquiries from the congressional committee investigating the storming of the U.S. Capitol have been timed to damage his Senate campaign, Congressman Mo Brooks said Thursday.

Brooks also said he has not been served a subpoena from the Jan. 6, 2021, committee and is only aware of media reports that he is among five congressman the committee plans to subpoena.

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In an email to, Brooks repeatedly described the committee as a “partisan witch hunt committee” and said he would likely confer with the other Republican congressman who have also been subpoenaed before responding.

“Eighteen months have passed since the 2020 election without the partisan Witch Hunt Committee bothering to seek testimony from me,” Brooks said in the email.

“It’s no coincidence (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi and Liz Cheney (Republican congresswoman from Wyoming and a member of the committee) seek to interfere with Alabama’s electing a conservative Senator by coming after me at the most campaign intense time of the GOP Primary and Runoff elections. Pelosi and Cheney hate America First candidates.”

Brooks is in a tight three-way battle for the Republican nomination with the primary on May 24. An expected runoff between the top two vote-getters is June 21.

The Associated Press reported earlier Thursday that the committee had issued subpoenas for Brooks as well as House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of California, Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs and Pennsylvania Congressman Scott Perry.

In a May 2 letter requesting Brooks’ cooperation, the committee said it wanted to inquire about Brooks’ comments in March that former President Donald Trump urged him to help remove President Joe Biden from office.

Brooks first made the comments to on March 16 and eventually issued a press release outlining the repeated request from Trump a week later after the former president dropped his endorsement of Brooks’ Senate campaign.

At the time of the committee’s request, Brooks said in a statement he had no intention of cooperating, saying in a May 2 statement, “I wouldn’t help Nancy Pelosi and Liz Cheney cross the street–I’m definitely not going to help them and their partisan Witch Hunt Committee.”

“I have already given at least two sworn statements in federal court plus numerous other oral and written statements about events relating to January 6,” Brooks said in Thursday’s email.

“I have given numerous House floor speeches about voter fraud and election theft in the 2020 elections. To my knowledge, no other potential Witch Hunt Committee witness has been so publicly open about the 2020 elections and January 6 events. If the partisan Witch Hunt Committee wants my observations of events, all it has to do is read or listen to my numerous prior statements.”

Brooks said that factors he will consider in response to a subpoena is whether his testimony will be public, which he said he prefers, and if questions be limited to the attack on the Capitol. Brooks said that he wanted to be questioned by the congressional committee members, not their underlings.

“The 2020 election was stolen and Donald Trump is the rightful winner,” Brooks said in the email. “I was proud to stand with President Trump and courageous Republican congressmen and senators on Jan. 6. The partisan Witch Hunt Committee’s shameless antics won’t change that.”

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