Mayor Eric Adams’ son chasing rap dreams in Albania

Mayor Eric Adams’ son is chasing his rap dreams — all the way to Albania.

The Big Apple’s first son, Jordan Coleman — aka rapper “Jayoo” – took to the stage in the capital city of Tirana Wednesday night to compete in the Albanian equivalent of “American Idol.”

The 26-year-old, who was joined by two female backup dancers, belted out his raunchy “Itsy Bitsy” rap – complete with the lyrics “wanna twerk that ass and shake them titties.”

“I support it s–t, she gorgeous. Still she gotta stay committed. She would miss the life. If she gave it up, but won’t admit. Free admission taking trips and getting lit, until you gettin dizzy,” he rapped at the beginning of his three-minute track.

Coleman donned black sunglasses and went without a t-shirt for his on-stage performance, opting instead to bare his chest and wear only a red and black patched jacket.

There’s no word yet on whether Mayor Adams, who has disagreed with his son in the past over drill rap, tuned in to watch Coleman’s performance.

Mayor Eric Adams’ rapper son, Jordan Coleman, competed in Albania’s equivalent of American Idol Wednesday night.
Instagram / _jayoo_
Eric Adams and his son Jordan Coleman
Mayor Adams has disagreed with his 26-year-old son in the past over drill rap. It wasn’t clear if hizzoner tuned in to watch Wednesday’s performance.
Paul Martinka

City Hall didn’t immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Kënga Magjike, the American Idol-style competition that translates to “Magic Song”, is an annual contest run by television channel TV Klan that welcomes both Albanian and international performers.

Coleman, who currently works in the film department at Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, has for months been touting his upcoming appearance in the Balkan-based singing competition.

“I’m looking to be an international rap artist, this was a major step in that direction,” he wrote in an Instagram post following his initial performance back in September.

Coleman on the stage in Albania.
Coleman also took to the competition stage back in September.

The song is notoriously raunchy, as is the rest of Coleman's music.
Coleman belted out his raunchy “Itsy Bitsy” rap during his performance.

Coleman said his father doesn't understand drill music.
Adams and his son previously fought over the Mayor’s stance on drill music that promotes violence.

He returned to the stage Wednesday night for the competition’s semi-finals, according to the contest’s website.

A pool of artists will now be chosen via a voting system to compete in the competition’s finals on Saturday.

Coleman’s appearance on stage comes just months after he publicly called his dad out when hizzoner controversially called for social media companies to ban “drill” rap videos that glorify and promote violence.

The mayor’s plea came soon after 18-year-old drill rapper Jayquan McKenley, aka Chii Wvttz, was gunned down in Brooklyn back in February.

Jordan Coleman
Coleman currently works in the film department at Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.
Instagram / _jayoo_

Adams blamed the genre — a gritty, nihilistic style of rap that glorifies guns, drugs and violence against rivals — “contributing to the violence” being seen across the country

Coleman subsequently gave an interview to Complex, insisting his dad didn’t totally understand drill music.

“Coming out saying that the drill scene is going to be banned is outrageous, because you can’t ban a genre of music — any kind of genre of music,” he told the outlet at the time.

He said he texted his father immediately after the remarks surfaced, telling him: “Dad, you cannot speak for me. I have drill rappers on our label as clients, and I like drill music. You cannot ban a genre. And I’m not sure why you said what you said, but I disagree.”

Coleman added: “And he was like, ‘I understand what you’re saying, and you’re allowed to disagree. We come from different times.’”

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