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Baseless smears

It would be so helpful if those who think City Council members are on “their own little path to financial gain,” as was recently stated in the Times-Call, could produce evidence of such.

Indeed, they do spend countless hours doing work on behalf of the citizens of Longmont. They don’t make decisions casually; and without question, they do care about Longmont and its future. You certainly don’t know any of them well enough to baselessly smear their character.

Some of you have loudly disagreed with some of their decisions. Rather than complaining, you could do what they do. Put yourself out there. Run for office. Sacrifice time away from family, and do what you believe is the greatest good for the largest number of citizens.

Jane Waters, Longmont

Follow (and retrieve) the money!

I think one recent TC Line comment and the latest letter from Dave Larison make a good point: There is ample incentive now for the (new?) City Council to gain its pet projects in the open (unlike that “boutique” hotel matter) — go after the money Longmont has sent RTD for 21st century rail service. Not more buses; rail.

First, Longmont might want to stop sending more money down the RTD rat hole, and right away. Let RTD sue us. I’d much rather defend that.

I fully agree with council candidate Gary Hodges, who asserted that rail is never coming as long as RTD holds all the levers. So, get the money back. Those funds ought to pay for the three “public” facilities that were on the ballot this time, and no tax bite for the citizens.

I’ve grown really weary of being a “backwoods” wilderness city while only 30 miles from Denver, crow flight. And I’m even more tired of funding Arvada’s light rail. And Lakewood’s. And (soon) Thornton’s.

While we’re at it, perhaps we might consider seceding from DRCOG. We have no influence there, and we don’t matter.

Gregory Iwan, Longmont

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