Local artist Michael Jackson’s presented to Mayor Breneman

  • Local attorney commissions art work for mayor.
  • Local artist Michael Jackson paints portrait of downtown Wooster.
  • Work is on display at Grigio Wine & Cocktail Bar.

WOOSTER − The city of Wooster recently received a heartfelt gift painted by local professional artist Michael Jackson.

The sizeable painting of downtown Wooster at dusk is presently on display at Grigio Wine & Cocktail Bar as part of Jackson’s current art exhibit, which runs through Jan. 28, 2024.

Commissioned and gifted by local attorney Jeffrey Musselman, the painting was presented to mayor Bob Breneman in gratitude for his 15 years of service as mayor.

“Mike is a generational talent, and we wanted to do something unique for the city and people of Wooster that has a timeless element to it,” Musselman said. “It’s a celebration of downtown.

“There’s an element of nostalgia, but also a reverence for the present and future,” he continued. “I encourage everyone to see this beautiful work when they have the chance.”

Upon receiving the painting Mayor Breneman said he was astounded.

“It’s beautiful and, really, that is an understatement,” Breneman said. “We have such longevity in this town and I’m honored to have been part of it.”

Jackson shared his inspiration for the work.

“This is a piece I wanted to create for years and I came across a great opportunity,” he said.

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