Fremont’s City Council has lost three warriors | #citycouncil

Fremont’s City Council has lost three warriors

Fremont has lost a third dynamic warrior. These warriors will go down into history as the most caring, honest and transparent leaders in Fremont history. Councilmembers Ellis, Yerger and Jacobus were top notch leaders with overwhelming integrity.

These three proved themselves over and over as they battled the corruption in this town. Some have referred to this group as the “Three Stooges.” This was a comedy that had characters trying to make it in society while falling into predicaments, often with bad results for the more well-to-do people. Fremont’s bullies tried to give the Fremont community the impression that these councilmembers were dumb or stupid. Nothing was further form the truth.

These individuals wore the “stooges” title with pride. They fought against the establishment and complacency in government. They lobbied for transparency/public meeting videos, property tax relief while exposing the tech park scandal, a State Auditor’s Report that unearthed questionable payments. They opposed our library’s push to indoctrinate, rather than educate, our children with obscenity. They pushed for flooding relief, better treatment of animals, public transportation and downtown revitalization. These so-called “stooges” NEVER displayed unethical behaviors; they listened to citizens and treated them with respect.

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Anyone who claims otherwise is a “social voter” who’s never a leader. They simply bobble along trying to benefit themselves. In my opinion, such followers could be compared to another comedy classic Looney Tunes. Social voters typically emulate Porky Pig who sings “dadatada, that’s all folks”.

Fremont will suffer from this loss in leadership. I encourage you to learn the facts. Talk to the “three stooges” yourself; make up your own mind on who and what they really are. It won’t take long to learn the truth. Whether on the council or out in the community they remain the same. They were, and are, the REAL leaders. They were the leaders this community needed. We were blessed to cross the paths of each one of them.

I’ll end with one of the “Three Stooges” famous quotes from Moe: “Our genius ain’t appreciated around here” … ”Lets scram!”

Thank you “Stooges” for everything you did for Fremont.

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