FCC won’t revoke former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard’s radio station licenses | #republicans | #Alabama | #GOP

The Federal Communications Commission this  declined to revoke broadcast licenses held by former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard, ruling that the commission’s Enforcement Bureau had not proven an intent to deceive on Hubbard’s part or that the convictions disqualified him from holding the licenses. 

In a 21-page ruling, Administrative Law Judge Jane Hinckley Halprin wrote that the convictions showed Hubbard “betrayed the trust of the public he was elected to serve.” But she added the Enforcement Bureau had not shown that Hubbard’s convictions meant he would act “dishonestly” with the FCC, or that the stations themselves were involved in the activity. 

“It is difficult to say that Mr. Hubbard has made remedial efforts or that he has been ‘rehabilitated’ given the progress of the criminal case and the fact that he is currently incarcerated,” Halprin wrote. “On the other hand, while the stations’ management technically participated in the felonies because Mr. Hubbard is the sole shareholder of licensee Auburn Network, there is no evidence that the stations themselves were involved.”

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