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EXCLUSIVE: California Globe Interview With President Donald Trump, Part 4

The California Globe had the opportunity to meet with Former United States President Donald Trump recently in Los Angeles in a one-on-one interview, while he was in the state on business. We discussed the state of the State of California. As expected, President Trump had plenty to say about the politics of our unique state.

This is Part 4 of the series; Here is Part 3; Part 2; and Part 1.

“Water, wildfires, energy, crime, homelessness, education, labor unions, infrastructure… this is just a short list of California’s critical issues,” the Globe told President Donald Trump in our recent meeting.

The Globe asked President Trump, “With all of the serious issues going on in California – all of Gavin Newsom’s policies – water, the defunding of forest and wildfire management, energy shortages, banning oil and gas production and going all electric in the state by 2030…”

“All electric?” the President said. “It will cost you so much, and it’s so polluting.”

“The pollutants are massive to produce the electricity,” he added. “Far more than fuel efficient cars.”

We discussed California’s scheme to cut oil and gas production by replacing it with wind and solar, supposedly renewable energy, despite oil and gas being a huge industry in the state.

“The problem is when you cut off the oil and gas, when you make batteries, as an example, it is so massive in terms of pollutants,” President Trump said. “It’s incredible.”

“These people don’t know what they are doing.”

We discussed the high cost to build a house in California with all of the state mandates – solar panel roofs, fire sprinklers, and mandatory “affordable” housing regulations, including creating higher-density neighborhoods by replacing single family homes with duplexes and fourplexes – and how the state Legislature and governor cannot legislate the state’s way out of the high cost of housing. It’s the local and state government regulations increasing the cost of building homes.

President Trump said solar is a good idea, “but the worst is wind. Wind is the most expensive energy,” he said.

“You take one cent of natural gas, per the same equivalent, wind is 54 cents. Wind is 54 times as expensive,” Trump said.

“We throw the natural gas away – we give it away for nothing. But we are sitting on liquid gold,” he added. “That’s what caused the inflation – that’s what started it. And now it’s going to be hard to bring it down.”

President Trump warned that just opening up natural gas exploration and pipelines again won’t singly fix inflation. “And you’re not going to solve it immediately,” he added. “It’s getting further and further away.”

President Joe Biden suspended oil and gas permits on federal lands and waters and canceled the Keystone XL oil pipeline project his first day in office, ending a project that was expected to employ more than 11,000 Americans last year, Fox News reported.

During the Trump presidency we had energy independence by the time he left office, gas was $1.87 per gallon, and inflation was only 1.7%.

Today, gas is up 125% — the national average for a gallon of gas is $4.59 and in California a gallon of gas is selling for $6.09 on average and $6.99 in some counties. We are facing energy shortages and rolling blackouts in California, and inflation is at a 40-year high of 8.7%. However, if they were using the same index as was used during the Carter administration, inflation would be nearing 18%.

The Globe asked President Trump if he thinks Gavin Newsom will run for President in 2024, even with the failing policies discussed above. “I don’t know,” President Trump said. “His record is so terrible. Will he run – I have no idea.”

“His record is really rough. It’s really rough,” he said. “But anything can happen. When Biden gets in, anyone can get in. Right? The man is not coherent. And the Democrats act like he’s a genius. He was never a genius… lowest in his class.”

We discussed President Trump’s endorsements. As of Friday May 13 when we met and spoke, he had 58 wins, to one loss. “Unbelievable!” he said. “We are 50 and 1. And the one was false because seven women came out at the end and nobody knows if it’s really true.”

“So that was a headwinds deal, and he almost won. Came within one point!”

“But we’re 58 to 1,” Trump added. “We won J.D. Vance. He went up like a rocket shit – all of them.”

“We got Ron DeSantis in. I got Kemp in. I got everybody. I got half of the Senate. If you look at the Senate right now, it would be 60/40 against, except for my endorsements. And nobody ever says that.”

“You look at Tom Tillis. [U.S. Senator for North Carolina]. Sullivan of Alaska [U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska]. You look at Iowa. You look at Lindsey. So many people,” he said. “It would be 60/40 or worse in the Senate. Ten Senators came in because of my endorsements.”

As of May 18, his endorsement record jumped to 76 wins, three losses, according to Ballotpedia.

“Mitch McConnell lost the two in Georgia,” the President added (about the 2020 race). “He lost them. He should have won.”

We asked if he would be campaigning for and/or endorsing any candidates from California.

“Well yes, I think we’ll do Kevin Kiley.” The Globe broke the news that President Trump endorsed Kevin Kiley for Congress.

“You’ve got a big story here,” President Trump added. “I’m saying the elections in California are corrupt. I don’t believe it’s a blue state. I believe it is either red, or equal. But it actually could be red.”

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