Evansville’s Mayor Edwards announces resignation

EVANSVILLE, Wyo. — For roughly the last five years, Chad Edwards has led the Town of Evansville as its mayor. Later this month, however, he will be stepping down from the position.

Edwards announced his resignation at Monday’s Town Council meeting, saying he will officially be stepping down following the council’s Feb. 26 meeting. He cited family medical issues as the reason for his resignation.

Looking back on his tenure as mayor, Edwards said there are several projects he’s helped put in motion that he’s proud of.

“I feel like a lot of the things I’m most proud of haven’t even fully come to fruition yet,” he said. “The Lathrop Pathway project, the reconstruction of Lathrop Road to help put in a righthand turn and the road resurfacings — those are all things that I think have been a really big benefit to the town.”

Councilmember Dacia Edwards thanked the outgoing mayor for his service to the town and expertise in running the municipal government.

“I would personally like to thank you, Mayor Edwards, for all the work you’ve done for the town, as well as all the work you’ve done and hard work you’ve put in,” she said. “You’ve been able to earmark monies for certain things the town needs and things coming up that need repairs. You’re always willing to help the other departments with anything that’s needed.”

Once Mayor Edwards officially resigns, he said, the council will be able to appoint an interim mayor from within the council. Then, he said, the position for full-time mayor will go on November’s ballot for the Evansville residents to vote on.

“I’ve always tried to help move the town forward,” he said.

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