Dickinson mayor fires back at allegations of illegal secrecy and other violations presented in amended lawsuit

DICKINSON, Texas – The Mayor of Dickinson is responding to allegations of illegally withholding public information affecting taxpayers.

We first told you about a massive newly amended lawsuit filed by Dolcefino Consulting, accusing city officials of illegal secrecy and Open Meetings Act violations.

Dickinson Mayor Sean Skipworth says those claims are unfounded and one red flag is that Wayne Dolcefino who filed the lawsuit refuses to reveal who paid him to do so. He says if he had to guess, it’s someone with a hidden agenda to oust him as mayor.

“My first question is to go ask the city attorney; did we do what we were supposed to do? And the city attorney assures me that yes, we did turn over what we’re supposed to,” he said.

Skipworth fired back at allegations of illegal secrecy mentioned in the 38-page newly amended lawsuit. Claims include Skipworth and other city officials withheld public information. This includes a report about the dilapidated Creekside Apartments complex KPRC 2 covered back in 2022, before the city shut it down that December. After shutting Creekside down, Skipworth says the landlord threatened to sue.

“There was a threat of pending litigation, so we went to the Attorney General’s office. The Attorney General agreed and allowed us to redact the documents, so we turned over what was allowed,” he said.

Skipworth says the public has a right to transparency, but the city must also be able to prepare for a lawsuit.

Dolcefino also mentioned millions of dollars worth of unused land he claims the city’s Economic Development Corporation bought, but hasn’t said what it’s being used for.

Skipworth says many of the plans were laid out in a town hall meeting last fall.

“One. we are looking to get a grocery store on the east side over there so there are parcels of land that would include that. Perhaps a nicer apartment building as well with some retail shops out there,” Skipworth said

Skipworth is bracing for a recall petition to try and oust him as mayor that he says is being fueled by his political opponents. He believes this lawsuit isn’t really about illegal secrecy or alleged violations, but more so politics.

“It’s almost as if someone is attempting to manufacture a controversy under the guise of news, but really has a political purpose only,” Skipworth said.

After the original lawsuit was filed about a year and a half ago, Skipworth says that the city filed to begin the discovery process to move the lawsuit along, but Dolcefino refused to produce any discovery on his end.

Dolcefino later responded saying the only thing they didn’t produce is why they asked for discovery and for whom. Dolcefino adds he agrees to a joint motion to get in front of a judge Thursday.

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