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NEARLY COMPLETED — Crews recently completed steps and a handicap accessible ramp to Wellsburg City Hall but were waiting for council’s decision on whether to add a portico before adding railing. A portico will be added after Mayor Dan Dudley broke a split vote on the addition at Wednesday’s council meeting. — Warren Scott

WELLSBURG — The entrance to City Hall is nearly completed, but there’s been some disagreement among Wellsburg Council members about how it should ultimately look.

On Wednesday, Mayor Dan Dudley had to break a tied vote on whether to add a portico, essentially a roof with two columns, to the front entrance.

City Manager Steve Maguschak suggested the structure, saying it would provide some protection for the handicap accessible sliding doors recently installed in recent months.

He acknowledged it also would provide some shelter to those leaving utility payments through the building’s drop box.

But the idea received mixed reaction from council members, with 1st Ward Councilman Jerry Nichols, 2nd Ward Councilwoman Mary Margaret Rosso and 3rd Ward Councilman Randy Fletcher supporting it and 1st Ward Councilman Jack Kins, 3rd Ward Councilman Tom Gaudio and 4th Ward Councilman Charlie Harris voting against.

Fourth Ward Councilwoman Della Serevicz and 2nd Ward Councilman Paul Billiard didn’t attend the meeting.

Harris said he felt the expense, estimated at $24,000, could be better spent elsewhere, which was echoed by Kins and Gaudio.

Harris also argued a portico clashed with the building’s original design.

Maguschak said crews with Grae-Con Construction were awaiting word on the portico before adding railing to the steps and a handicap accessible ramp, another new addition to the front entrance that extends around the building’s east side.

In related business, Gaudio advised the Wellsburg Garden Club and Wellsburg Lions Club have both expressed interest in supporting new landscaping at the new entrance.

Since crews started the $71,691 project in January, a rear entrance has been made available for visitors but like the original front entrance, it’s not handicap accessible.

Also on Wednesday, council approved the first readings of three ordinances involving trash, yard waste and debris.

One states trash left for garbage crews may not be placed on sidewalks or curbs or along streets or alleys earlier than noon on the day before it’s collected and the empty containers shouldn’t remain later than noon on the day following collection.

The ordinance is in response to complaints of garbage cans and trash blocking sidewalks and streets.

Another states no one may throw or deposit onto a roadway glass bottles or other glass, nails, tacks, wire, cans or other substances likely to injure a person, animal or vehicle or to clog or damage catch basins or storm sewers.

And a third that prohibits property owners, contractors and others from sweeping, raking, blowing otherwise placing grass clippings, leaves and other yard waste into streets. Violation of the ordinance entails a fine of $100 to $500 for each day it continues to occur.

The latter two ordinances are intended to help alleviate blocked drainage structures that have contributed to recurring flooding in recent months.

Council also:

— Authorized Richard Ferguson of the city’s planning commission to seek a contractor to paint directional and other markings on the city’s Yankee Trail.

Ferguson said he’s particularly concerned about safety in areas where the walking and bicycle trail along Yankee Street intersects with side streets.

He said he had repainted the markings last year but they have since worn away.

— Agreed to raise shelter fees for the city’s parks from $25 to $50 to generate revenue for the parks’ maintenance.

While supporting the increase, Gaudio said city personnel should ensure the shelters’ restrooms and other facilities are in good condition for renters.

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