City council to discuss grant resolutions | #citycouncil

At Tuesday’s Fulton City Council meeting, the council will discuss two new resolutions and continue discussion on two ordinances.

The council will discuss a resolution for the city to apply for the Hero Fund America Grant. This grant would assist in the purchase of training and simulation equipment for the Fulton Fire Department.

The funds would purchase a Smoke 3 Smoke Generator for $1,995. The total cost of the purchase is $2,550. $555 of the funds would be paid from the council’s travel/training/seminars funds.

The second resolution the council will discuss would allow the city to apply for the Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary Grant. This grant would assist in the purchase of electric vehicle charging stations.

The city is partnering with Westminster College and William Woods University to put four charging stations on each campus. Three additional charging stations would be placed near Fulton exits to Highway 54.

The application is for $507,212 in grant funds, with $126,803 required in matching funds. The matching funds will be provided by Westminster and WWU, with the city providing the remainder.

The estimated total cost of the project is $625,000.

Two ordinances will be second read at the meeting.

The first ordinance is for a tax collection agreement between the City of Fulton and the Callaway County Collector and Callaway County Commissioners.

The contract period for this agreement would go through June, 2027.

The second ordinance would rename East 13th Street to Ovid Bell Street.

One ordinance will have a third reading at the meeting. This ordinance would amend the Fulton City Code relating to the accepting of donations, gifts and sponsorships.

The Fulton City Council meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.

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