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During the meeting on November 13, the council terminated a cooperative agreement with Mendocino County, allowing the county to operate an animal control facility at 19701 Summers Lane.

In 1975, the City signed an agreement with Mendocino County that allowed the county to build an animal control facility on City property. However, the county closed the facility earlier this year due to financial concerns. The county requested to terminate the 1975 agreement and offered the facility to the City.

The Mendocino Coast Humane Society, located next door to the property, has requested to use the closed animal control facility for their own needs. City staff will work with the Humane Society to permit this.

The council also approved a professional services agreement with City Management Advisors, LLC dba Peckham & McKenney to help find a new City Manager. On September 10, City Manager Peggy Ducey gave her notice of resignation, with the council accepting her resignation on October 10. Shortly after, the city received a proposal from Peckham & McKenney to find new candidates for the city manager position for a flat fee of $27,000.

The city has used Peckham & McKenney’s services for previous hires, such as Police Chief Neil Cervenka. According to Mayor Bernie Norvell, the city had been previously impressed by the candidates found by Peckham & McKenney.

The council also approved a professional services agreement with HDR Engineering, Inc. HDR will prepare Fort Bragg’s Wastewater Collection System Master Plan. Fort Bragg has used HDR for similar projects, such as the recent completion of the wastewater treatment plant. The total cost of this contract is not to exceed $725,000.

This agreement includes an inspection of the City’s gravity mains using Closed Circuit Television for an additional charge of $87,295. The staff determined that this was needed for the decision-making process of identifying and categorizing pipe improvement projects.

The mapping and modeling of this project are expected to conclude in July 2024, with analysis and planning scheduled to end in January 2025 and the final project report to be finished in May 2025.

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