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Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox proclaimed April as Child Abuse Prevention Month at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. 

Maddox said that he issued the proclamation because it’s critical to acknowledge the effects that child abuse has on Tuscaloosa. 

“A history of child abuse and neglect is associated with adverse health and mental health outcomes,” Maddox said. “Those negative effects can last a lifetime.” 

Maddox presented a plaque commending Tuscaloosa Child Abuse Prevention Services and other agencies throughout Alabama for their work combating child abuse. 

“Like the mayor said, this is a community effort,” Lisa Maddox, executive director of CAPS, said. “It takes all of us to help make the family whole again.” 

Sallye Longshore, director of the Children’s Trust Fund of Alabama, said that the best way for the council to help children’s organizations would be with more funding. 

“I always say you can’t do more with less,” Longshore said. “If there’s any way you can provide additional funding … or even just reach out as council people to get people involved and aware.” 

Walt Maddox also proclaimed April as Fair Housing Month and the first week of April as National Community Development Week, presenting both proclamations to LaParry Howell for his work as director of community and neighborhood services. 

“Thank you for continuing to support us as we continue to eliminate barriers to affordable housing,” Howell said.  

Howell added that in celebration of the month, the Office of Community and Neighborhood Services will host a fair-housing-awareness event at the Tuscaloosa River Market on Thursday, April 25. 

The council also approved the demolition of several structures, in addition to authorizing several minor public-works contracts and professional-services contracts. 

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