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CORNING — The finalized plans for the Corning City Plaza and Recreation Center were discussed Tuesday at the City Council meeting without significant controversy.

This design includes the gym and one classroom while modifying the plaza to allow for future explosions.

According to City Manager Brant Mesker, the estimated cost of the new design at this point is approximately $11,788,000.

The future site of the Corning City Plaza on Solano Street is pictured. (DN file)“I would say we are still six to eight months out at this point before we see any true action over there,” Mesker said.

There have been questions about how the city will pay for this project. In 2021, Corning received an $8.5 million state grant to build the plaza and recreation center. About $1.5 million has been spent to clear the Solano Street site.

The city has been working with and has begun working with California Consulting, a grant writing consulting firm, to pursue an urban green grant.

“We should be very competitive with that grant given our socio-economic status and being a disadvantaged community, but also very competitive in the realm of the project itself,”  Mesker said.

If awarded, the city will request $ 2-2.5 million from the grant. Mesker hopes the city will not use contingency money to fund the project.

The council would unanimously approve the design.

In other business

The council considered awarding Hunter Services Incorporated a three-year contract for $11,500 per year to provide pest control services city-wide.

The city received eight formal bids for these services, ranging from $11,500 to $24,780 annually.

The services included city buildings, city parks, warehouses, the senior center, the museum airport and the wastewater treatment plant.

Hunter Services was determined to be the lowest responsive and responsible bidder at $11,500 annually.

The city has previously used the Chico affiliate of Hunter Services. This contract is for the Oroville affiliate.

“Obviously, there is one that was close to $11,000 in here, and that is a large scale, but the other ones, you guys feel very comfortable reviewing their bid that the services are going to be provided as outlined,” Mayor Robert Snow asked.

Public Works Consultant Robin Kampmann answered per the bid submitted, the services are being provided. She reached out to them to make sure the cost was still the same and that they could provide the outlined services. The company’s response was yes.

“With the previous contract, pest control and weed control, we had a lot of issues, so definitely stay on top of this,” Snow said. “If they are not performing their duties and are terminated immediately.

Kampmann promised she and City Attorney Collin Bogener would review the contract and ensure it includes a termination clause.

The council would unanimously approve the bid contract.

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