California’s Senate candidates tackle the border, homelessness crisis in latest debate

The top candidates for California’s open Senate seat faced off on the debate stage for the second time Monday night. 

The fiery feud glossed over hot-button issues such as the border, the homelessness crisis and the economy. 

“I believe our immigration system should be orderly. It should be humane, and it should provide for due process,” Rep. Barbara Lee said. 

For the most part, the four candidates followed their expected platforms. Lee championed safety in communities, while Rep. Katie Porter tried to distance herself from the institution. 

“Frankly, Washington isn’t listening to Californians. They’re not focused on our biggest problems,” Porter said. 

The four candidates, Rep. Barbara Lee, former Dodger Steve Garvey, Rep. Adam Schiff, and Rep Katie Porter, stand on the debate stage on Monday.


Rep. Adam Schiff spent his allotted time attacking the only Republican on the panel, former Dodger Steve Garvey. 

“I don’t agree with draconian solutions. I don’t agree with Mr. Garvey who is promoting Donald Trump’s border wall,” Schiff said. 

When asked if he would accept former President Donald Trump’s endorsement, Garvey dodged the question by responding with, “these are personal choices.”

“I answer to God, my wife, family and to the people of California,” he said. “I hope you would respect that I have personal choices.”

Political experts believe the debate did little to change the dynamics of the race. 

“I don’t think it changed any dynamics of the election,” analyst Zev Yaroslavsky said. “I think it’s appearing to be a race between Adam Schiff and Steve Garvey.”

Schiff grasps the lead over his opponents with 25% of likely voters, according to the recent California Elections and Policy poll. Porter and Garvey trail in second with 15% 

Yaroslavsky believes that Schiff will eventually come out of the election as California’s newest senator but all candidates got their message across. 

“They all came to get a message across. They all got a message across,” he said. “I don’t think it changed a whole lot.”

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