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IMPERIAL – California Women of Agriculture collaborated with Imperial CBD Golden States Extracts for an informative tour of their facility Wednesday, May 4. 

California Women of Agriculture (CWA) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on supporting agriculture.  The purpose of the tour was to educate the community about Imperial CBD Golden States Company. The organizer of the social mixer and president of CWA, Natalie Peraza, expressed that CWA works with Future Farmers of America students, helping them with multiple projects. Peraza plans on organizing more tours as a way to fund more scholarships for students. 

“Our purpose for California Women for Agriculture is to educate the public, many people do not know about us because careers in agriculture here in the Imperial Valley are at an all-time low, we are trying to promote support for farmers and ranchers. We had a CWA back in 1975 but it was disbanded in 1996. We plan on doing our next tour at the Imperial Olive Mill,” Peraza said. 

The evening was eventful as the women of CWA came with enthusiasm ready to learn about what Golden States Extracts was creating. The engineers and owners behind the CBD company explained the mechanics. 

According to Vice President of Sales Todd Bean, CBD Golden States Extracts partners with different organizations to use their leftover bi-product, “We are doing a study with UC Davis for lactating Dairy cows,” Bean said, “to use our bi-product as animal feed.” The university could then test if cows would lactate CBD strains.

Landon Currier of Imperial CBD Extracts explained the company’s goal, “We are here to educate people in the Imperial Valley about CBD, we have hemp that is grown here, bottled here in the Imperial Valley. We are a family-owned business going back four generations, we think it is important to give the Imperial Valley the knowledge about CBD and education to what they put into their body” said Landon, stressing the products do not contain the hallucinogenic THC, only the medicinal CBD. 

“CBD is a great alternative for anyone looking to get off opioids or get off pain killers.  A lot of people that are dealing with stress and anxiety, all the way to inflammation, benefit from it. What we are doing here is a nuance to Imperial Valley, it is a new business to the Imperial Valley, but I think it is important for us to have new businesses, to have options for different types of medication for people,” Landon said. 

Engineer Conrad Fabian assisted in leading the tour. He explained the extraction process, starting with the hemp biomass held in sacks inside the loading docks. The biomass is all grown in Kern County. Biomass is placed into a super-sized tea bag and placed in the freezer.

Conrad then led the group to the Ethanol chiller that brings the temperature down to -40 degrees and each bag is mixed with the ethanol extract oil off the leaves. The biomass is taken in and filtered out with cold ethanol to create a raw tincture, the tincture is run through an evaporator, then it transforms into a raw crude and from there it is decarboxylated to create isolated cannabinoids. All cannabinoids that have been sitting in the freezer will be extracted through the filters, and then it’s winterized to help clean the oil. Finally, the product is taken into distillation rooms to create the oils and waxes. 

Conrad and Landon both explained the products can be used for multiple reasons. Many businesses can find the use of these eco-friendly sustainable waxes, oils, and isolated cannabinoids.

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