California Labor Laws Are Changing & This TikTok HR Consultant Is Helping Locals Break It Down

With midterm elections officially wrapped up, California is seeing a massive change in the state’s labor laws.

So, this content creator is using her TikTok platform to help both employees and employers understand the changes that are coming to the workplace.

Cindy O’Peka, who lists herself as a Human Resources Consultant based out of Folsom, CA, mentions in one of her TikTok videos that “more laws have been passed for 2023 in employment than I’ve ever seen in my entire HR career.”

She highlights some changes in her video and they include:

  • An extension in COVID-19 pay
  • Protected bereavement leave
  • Minimum wage increase
  • Redefining who qualifies as a “family member” under the California Family Rights Act
  • New discrimination protections
  • Required pay scale transparency from employers
  • Changes in workplace safety laws
  • Changes in paid family leave and SDI (State Disability Insurance) reimbursements


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In another video, O’Peka explains that effective in January 2023, California’s minimum wage will be going up to $15.50 an hour. This reflects a $1.50 increase. Both large and small employers will be required to meet this minimum for all employees.

Another big change is in mandated bereavement leave, which will be paid time off provided for an employee immediately following the death of a family member. Starting in 2023, any employer with more than five employees must provide up to five days of bereavement leave for qualified family members.

O’Peka explains that this includes spouses, domestic partners, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, or in-laws.


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Discrimination laws are also expanding in the Golden State. In 2024, medical and recreational cannabis users will be protected from discrimination via drug screenings.

Starting in 2023, employees will also receive protections that will not allow employers to fire someone based on their reproductive rights choices.

O’Peka says she will be continuing her TikTok series over the next few weeks to break down each change individually and help people understand their rights.

All labor standards can be found on the State of California’s Department of Industrial Relations website.

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