California is replacing its ‘Dream Big’ marketing slogan

For over a decade, California was painted as a place for dreamers through commercials showcasing the state’s famous beaches, vineyards and national parks.

But all dreams must come to an end as the state’s tourist agency, Visit California, announced a new slogan for the state.

The nonprofit organization tasked with developing and maintaining marketing programs to help foster tourism in the state announced its “Dream Big” slogan would be replaced with the new slogan: “Ultimate Playground.”

The scenes of the new ad campaign are like those of its predecessor, showcasing California’s iconic landmarks and destinations up and down the coast, but they no longer mention dreams.

Caroline Beteta, the chief executive of Visit California, told the New York Times that there are numerous reasons for the change, including that phrases like “Dream Big” tend to lose weight over time, could be viewed as political, and are being used more frequently by companies.  

According to Beteta, “Ultimate Playground” is a safer and less politically charged message.

The new message is also meant to tap into one’s need for fun.

“California’s playful lifestyle, paired with our abundance of experiences, create something no other destination can claim – California is the Ultimate Playground,” Beteta said in a statement. “The power of play is scientifically proven, and majorities of every generation aren’t satisfied with the amount of time they spend playing. It’s time for that to change.”

The slogan change, which rolled out in March, comes as Gov. Gavin Newsom shared on Sunday that California’s tourism is at “an all-time high.”

The governor posted a video on X from the top of the Golden Gate Bridge, declaring an unprecedented “record-breaking tourism numbers” occurred in 2023.

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