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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Lew Burdette is on the Republican ballot to be Alabama’s next governor. He tells me if elected, he wants to help move the state forward, using lessons he learned from working in his dad’s grocery store.

“That was how I grew up working hard and learning common-sense business principles,” said Burdette.

A former COO of a large bookstore chain, Burdette now runs King’s Home, a Christian-based nonprofit with group homes throughout the state. He says this experience will help him run Alabama.

“Seeing youth and moms and kids at King’s Home, coming from poverty and homelessness and abuse and abandonment and neglect. You know, seeing them find hope and opportunity isn’t that what we want for all Alabamians in this state,” said Burdette.

And when he was 15-years-old, Burdette was the victim of a violent crime.

“I was kidnapped and shot and stabbed and thrown in a well to die,” he said.

His attackers were caught and released on time, but Burdette says this situation shaped his perspective on the state’s prison’s problems.

“The good part of that story is, neither one of them were ever in trouble again,” said Burdette. “And so that’s what we need for all of our inmates so that they have hope and opportunity. They have a path to success.”

Burdette says the state’s prisons will be just one of many focus areas for him, another being education. Both of which are important, he says, in moving Alabama forward.

We asked the candidates for their thoughts on a range of issues. Here’s how Lew Burdette answered. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

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